Florida AHRMM Conferences & Events

FL AHRMM’s conferences are Florida’s premier education event for providers, suppliers and students who work in healthcare. Our education is designed to meet the specific needs of supply chain.  Regardless of your role, you’ll find the tools, strategies, and best practices for success. Our goal is provide actionable takeaways that you can implement at your facility or organization.
With 3-4 conferences per year, our members have the opportunity to network with professionals and share best practice for performance and production improvement in the workplace. Nothing helps you grow your career and discover new and exciting opportunities faster than face-to-face contact with your peers and business partners.

Interested in hosting a FL AHRMM Webinar in 2021?    FL AHRMM will secure the recognized speakers, sponsors and the attendees and coordinate the event with your team, from start to finish.  Click HERE to find out more.

Have an idea for a Networking Event in your region? 
Contact Karrey Pecore at [email protected].

FL AHRMM Event Update- November 2020:
As 2020 comes to an end, the FL AHRMM Chapter is committed to providing quality education to the provider and supplier members. As we plan for 2021, please take a moment an complete the survey below. We look forward to hearing from you to ensure we are aligned with the Florida Supply Chain Healthcare community’s interests and goals. 



We are excited to begin 2021 with a virtual educational experience and hopefully, transition to an in-person experience when it is safe to do so. Happy Holidays!


Thank you,  
From the Florida AHRMM Board
Rick Laird, President
Karrey Pecore, Vice President and Education Chair
Carrie Gorman, Secretary, Membership Chair and Sponsorship Chair
Rodger Landers, Treasurer
Keith Murphy, South Florida Membership Chair
Mark Campbell, North/Central Florida Membership Chair
Scott Wilcox, Member at Large
Brent Petty, National AHRMM Advisor
Jean Sargent, National AHRMM Advisor